A Brazilian Welcome: Being Foreign in São Paulo During The Cup

  • 16 Jun, 2014
Right now there are a whole load of foreigners in São Paulo. Come Thursday there will be even more as English and Uruguayan fans descend onto the city for their second group match. As a Brit, I’m very excited about this game taking place in the city I now call my second home, and also… Read More
Scar Paulo

Brazilians: On my hometown of Scarborough!

  • 8 Jun, 2014
With the first game of the World Cup kicking off in São Paulo in just a few days time, this city will be the first to find itself under the glare of the international spotlight. From what I’ve read online, the media has done a good job of stirring up a curiosity about Brazil for those in the… Read More

The Brazilians Who Reflect Their Country

  • 3 Jun, 2014
A few weeks ago I decided to do something a little different in my English classes. I selected pictures of the ten Brazilians I felt were best known outside of Brazil, and then I asked my students to choose the five that they thought reflected their country. I was surprised with some of the responses; so… Read More

Valesca Popozuda at the Virada Cultural 2014

  • 22 May, 2014
Last Sunday I went to Virada Cultural, a free 24 hour event held in São Paulo to showcase some of the best of Brazilian culture. On Saturday night I was treated to the sounds of the beautiful Vanessa da Mata, after this I danced until the early hours over at the Voodoohop stage. The next… Read More

Three Ways Brazil Has Changed Me: For Better and Worse

  • 21 May, 2014
I’ve been an ESL teacher in Brazil for the last four years now, and in this time, my students have thrown a number of interesting questions my way. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that one asked something that really made me stop and think. Since being asked, the following question has corkscrewed… Read More

Why Visit São Paulo? Interview With A Tourist!

  • 15 May, 2014
A few months ago, my sister Hannah and brother-in-law Andy came to Brazil for about a week. When I met up with them in Rio, they’d already checked out the Falls de Iguazu, and the last leg of their journey brought them over to São Paulo. I was quite keen to show them around my… Read More

What Happens At A Gay Pride Parade In São Paulo?

  • 12 May, 2014
Before attending my first gay pride parade in São Paulo, for me, the words ‘gay pride’ used to conjure up images of politically driven rallies with protesters wielding banners and megaphones. However, I quickly discovered São Paulo  pride is not like this at all. Well, not really! If you’ve ever wondered what the goes on… Read More

The Week My Blog Post Randomly Created A ‘Media Frenzy’!

  • 6 May, 2014
I was told by my friends that the Bin Laden bar was old news in São Paulo. Apparently the look-a-like running the place had already had his 15 minutes of fame a few years ago, appearing on a variety of Brazilian TV shows and in many newspapers. I decided to write about the place anyway,… Read More

Top 3 Street Performers on Paulista Avenue – São Paulo

  • 29 Apr, 2014
After revamping my blog, I posted my first ‘review’ on one of São Paulo’s unusual attractions a few weeks ago. I hoped my take on the Bin Laden bar would be of interest to those curious about a side of city life here you’re not likely to find in any guide books. Little did I know… Read More

I’ve Written a Book!

  • 25 Apr, 2014
After over seven months of writing, rewriting old blog posts, deleting everything and then writing again….34,000 words later I have finally finished my book, Trying to Understand Brazilian Culture. This is a personal account of the time I’ve spent here in Brazil, filtered through my experiences of living and working in São Paulo. Here is the blurb:… Read More
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