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My 6 Favourite Places to Grab a Coffee in São Paulo

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, so as you can probably imagine, it is taken very seriously  here! Add into this mix the fact that São Paulo is home to around 12 million people, and you would be correct in assuming that there are some great little coffee joints in the city.

But where can you find them?

Well, after almost seven years of living here I’d like to use this post to share six of places that I frequently go to.

The beauty of living in this city is that there are always new coffee shops to explore, so if you have any recommendations, I’d love to read about them in the comments below.

Café do Páteo

Largo Páteo do Colégio, 02 – Centro, São Paulo – SP

Cafedo Pateo

Picture taken from the Café do Páteo Facebook page

Take any self-respecting tour of downtown São Paulo and you’re likely to find yourself in the Páteo do Colégio. This is the very spot the city was first founded back in 1554. Unsurprisingly for a tourist location, there is a coffee shop inside; but this isn’t just any coffee shop. This is one of the most charming coffee haunts in the city.

You see, although the surrounding city centre might be chaotic, as soon as you walk inside this building a really calm atmosphere awaits you. So too does great service, reasonably priced coffee and a relaxing garden – complete with a statue of Manuel da Nóbrega inside – the priest recognised as the founder of the city.

It is quite easy to forget the chaos of everyday life in São Paulo when you’re in this historic place. Well…for however long your coffee lasts anyway!

Open every day except Monday, from 9am-4.30pm.


R. Nestor Pestana, 115 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP

1PPDPhoto taken from the PPD Facebook page

PPD (Or Por um Punhado de Dólares as it is otherwise known) is downtown and just one street behind Roosevelt square. In this modern coffee-shop/bar there are a variety of great coffees to choose from, all prepared by the well-trained barristers. There are a selection of delicious cakes on the menu too, as well as lunch options and alcoholic beverages.

But ultimately, the thing that I appreciate the most about PPD is that it has a great, modern, laid back atmosphere.

Open 10am-10pm every day except Sunday.

Check out the Facebook page here.

Igrejinha Café

R. Fernando de Albuquerque, 302 – Consolação, São Paulo

ig Picture taken from the Facebook page

Igreijinha bar is arguably one of the most intimate electronic music venues in the city, playing host to a number of well-known DJs on a weekly basis. One thing I didn’t realise about the place until recently though, is that during the day this church-like venue is a great place to enjoy a coffee. Admittedly it may look a little small and nondescript from the outside, but its appeal becomes very obvious as soon as you step through the door and lay eyes on the decor.

Don’t expect to find Igrejinha in many guide books, it’s a bit of a hidden treasure!

The cafe turns into a bar from 8pm onwards (Check the Facebook page for more information on times and events)

Café open from Monday to Saturday 12pm-8pm.

Urbe Café Bar

R. Antônio Carlos, 404 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP, 01309-010

1urbe_cafePhoto Credit:

São Paulo may well a city teeming with coffee shops and bars, but this one really stands out from the crowd. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s easily one of my favourites. I say this because it’s actually a place I tend to take my first dates to. That’s right! If you ever find yourself on a date with yours truly, I am very likely to suggest this place. Why? Well, this contemporary venue has a very intimate feel to it. Plus the staff is incredibly friendly, there is a decent selection of wines, some light food and most importantly – great coffee.

Open 12pm-0.30am on Mondays

9am-0.30am Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Thursdays/ Sundays

9am-3am Fridays/ Saturdays

Check out the Facebook page here.

Mirante 9 de Julho

Tuesday-Sunday 10-10. R. Carlos Comenale (Behind MASP) – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP.  top10-mirante9

This site lay abandoned for decades, but since renovations were completed on it a few years ago, Mirante 9 has quickly established itself as being a pretty big deal to Sao Paulo’s cultural scene. Let me explain why; if you are on Avenida Paulista and fancy a coffee during the afternoon, Mirante 9 is home to Isso é Café. The coffee isn’t cheap, but the impressive view more than makes up for this. You will also find a bar area where you can buy imported beer and cooked food.

Should you come here during the evening on a weekend/public holiday this place takes on a whole different role. In recent months Mirante 9 has played host to film and live music events, where people are able to watch whilst sitting on the stairs. I’ve even been here when DJs have been playing to a very large crowd inside the venue. So large in fact, that a lot of people weren’t able to actually get inside. But don’t let a big name performer put you off visiting! Just outside Mirante 9 are plenty of beer vendors and crowds of people enjoying the atmosphere. Actually, on days like this, the area outside is arguably just as fun as the inside.

The coffee shop is open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am-8pm.

Click here for the Facebook page

KOF – King of the Fork

Endereço: Rua Artur de Azevedo, 1317 – Pinheiros – São Paulo – SP KoF-02Photo Credit:

I absolutely love this little café/bar/bike accessory shop, located a few blocks from Fradique Coutinho station. It is a very cosy place, has friendly staff, facilities to secure your bike outside and some delicious cookies.

Like, seriously delicious!

They also have other tasty deserts, snacks and breakfast/lunch options on the menu; but if you’re in the mood for something sweet….grab one of these cookies. I’m pretty sure you won’t be asking for anything else on your next trip there!

Open Monday-Friday 10-8, Saturday 9-6

Click here for the Facebook page

Cover picture photo credit:

Where would you have chosen for this list? Have you been to any of these places?

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