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Brazilians Vs Star Signs

I’d been called into the school I used to work at for a meeting, where I was to be told details of my new student.

“Oh Andrew, I think you’re going to get on SO well with him” began my boss a few minutes into our conversation. I remember thinking that she seemed far too enthusiastic for me to genuinely believe her though. “He is about your age, he has a good sense of humour AND…he is a virgin!”

As soon as that final word had rolled of her tongue, my face recoiled back, as if I’d just been slapped. “He’s a what, sorry?” I asked. Of course, I knew what she’d said, I just wanted her to repeat herself.

“A virgin” she repeated a little louder, as if I’d simply not heard her the first time round. This comment was also accompanied by a knowing look, a look that suggested she knew full well what my little secret was…that me and virgin men had a history of getting on well.

My face creased into an expression of pure confusion. ‘What rumours are going around work about me?’ I thought to myself! Naturally I wanted her to explain what she meant. So I asked:

“And…erm, why do you think I like virgins?” On reflection I really hope this will be the only time I need to ask this question in a professional capacity again!

“Well, because you’re an Aries!”

Then the penny dropped and this comment made all the sense in the world to me. Why? Well in that moment I realised that my boss had mistaken the Portuguese star sign ‘virgem’ for the English equivalent, Virgo; so she’d actually been talking about my student’s star sign…and not his inability to get laid!

After living in Brazil for some time I’ve come to understand that there is a whole lotta love for the zodiac signs here. I’d even go as far as to say that compared to my native UK, there is a disproportionate amount of people here into them.

Being asked about my star sign has actually come up on a number of the dates I’ve been on over the last six months. I won’t lie, talk of the zodiac signs never falls too kindly on my ears. I struggle to believe that everyone in the world can be categorised into just 12 personalities.

Once, just a few minutes into a date, the conversation unexpectedly went like this:

“What an interesting story! So…what’s your star sign?”

“I’m not telling you” I joked.riri

“Why not? What do you mean? Tell me!”

“If you’re going to judge me, do it on what I’m saying to you (‘and perhaps the new shirt I’ve bought from Zara,’ I was thinking), not on the day I was born!”

After saying this my date looked like they’d been unreasonably criticized, but then it eventually broke out into a warm smile. “That’s such a Sagittarius thing to say! I’ve got it, you’re a Sagittarius, aren’t you!?!”

If you’re new to the world of dating in Brazil any you’re not used to being asked about your star sign….get ready for more of this! My friend (cough) is on Tinder, and he told me that there are a lot of Brazilians out there who will write their star sign in their profile BEFORE they’ve written anything about themselves. As if the second most important thing you need to consider before swiping to the left or right (after their profile picture) is their zodiac sign!

Much has been made of the way Brazilians are too into star signs (I suspect, mainly by me), and I know Brazil is not the only nation out there with a fetish for them…but I thought I’d throw this out there and ask you guys; can anyone explain to this confused Brit why Brazilians appear to be, in general, so into their zodiac signs?

The Top 85 Mistakes Brazilians Make In English

Front (1)My new ebook will be out a week today (Monday 4th May). This book has been specifically written for Brazilian students of English.

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If your English is of an upper intermediate/advanced level and you are interested in knowing the mistakes your English teacher hears on a daily basis (or those embarrassing mistakes you definitely don’t want to be making in meetings with your international colleagues!) The Top 85 Mistakes Brazilians Make in English is the book for you!

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