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Brazil: Life after the Honeymoon Period – Out NOW!

My latest ebook Brazil: Life after the Honeymoon Period is out NOW! It is available to buy here on Amazon.

Here is the blurb:

“Do you want to die?” The thief screamed. “Do you want to die?” He repeated, and as Andrew stared down the barrel of the gun, time slowed down, the air around him became still, and he was no longer aware of anything else happening around him. This was when the severity of what could happen in the next few seconds really hit home. He’d managed to avoid being robbed for a number of years, but not this time.

andrewcreelmancoverBrazil: Life after the Honeymoon Period is a memoir about Andrew’s life as a foreigner living in Brazil. He arrived here when the country’s economy was the darling of the developing world and was strong enough to elevate millions into the middle classes. But times were changing, inflation was rising, and a recession was looming. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to live in a country in the midst of mass nationwide protests, this is the book for you.

Of course, life here over the last few years wasn’t always so intense. Within the book, a number of other questions are also addressed, such as: What was it like to be in the country during the World Cup? What happens at the biggest gay pride parade in the world? Who is this intriguing celebrity – famous simply for having an ass shaped like a watermelon? How possible is it to work as a teacher in Brazil during an economic downturn? And how the hell did Andrew unexpectedly end up being linked, by the world’s media, to São Paulo’s Osama Bin Laden bar?

Where his first memoir Trying to Understand Brazilian Culture was an interpretation of Brazilian culture from a very naïve and unprepared perspective, this follow-up is an exploration of life in the country through a more familiar set of eyes.

Times were changing, and things were about to get very interesting…in more ways than one.

Pick up your copy of the book here.

Be sure to check out this blog again on Friday too, when normal blogging will resume!

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