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I get it; when people think about coming over to Brazil they think about visiting the picture postcard cities of Rio, Florianopolis or Salvador…maybe they also want to check out the stunning Iguacu falls or the mysterious Amazon rainforest.

Well…what about Sao Paulo?

To be honest I can see why this city doesn’t arouse much excitement from tourists. Pictures can’t really disguise the fact it is pretty goddamn ugly (I once even heard it being described as the armpit of Brazil!), and most people coming here from abroad are going to be suit-wielding business types.1938104_10153794683780618_1734565950_n

When I first saw pictures of the bland looking skyscrapers as I was planning my first trip to Brazil, I wasn’t impressed either. Its charm was not obvious to me at all; it looked just like another city.

But after almost 4 years here, I’ve come to appreciate that nestled away in Sao Paulo’s largest concrete jungle are some absolutely amazing bars, clubs, restaurants, people and diverse cultures. Over time I’ve fallen for this city, and I can’t imagine my time in Brazil having played out anywhere else.

‘What About Sao Paulo’ will document my musings of Brazilian culture from a foreigner’s perspective, with a sharp focus of city life here. Of course, when I’m rich enough to take trips to other places I’ll write about these too. However most my posts will be about this hot (aesthetically challenged) mess that is….Sao Paulo!



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